Getting to Central Station (line 1) metro exit south to the Terminal San Borja. Walk to the end of Paseo Mall station, walk up the escalators and on your right the buses that go with Huelquén destination.
You can also take the buses that go destined to Buin, get off at the supermarket Tottus and then take a bus to Huelquén having its whereabouts supermarket one block south. After taking the bus is 10 minutes. Please tell the driver to stop in farm Cachantún. Upon arrival you will see the entrance to the farm on your right.
The value of the bus to Buin is $ 1200 and collectives Buin to Huelquén, $ 800. The value Huelquén direct bus from Santiago is $ 1500.
The buses that go with direct transfer to Huelquén go on hour and 10 minutes, those passing by Paine bound Huelquén depart every hour. The journey is approx. 55 minutes.
From Monday to Sunday.
After leaving the town of Buin, missing 15 minutes. After passing a junction with Main Street (18 de Septiembre Av/Camino Padre Hurtado) about 100 meters you will see on your right a sign "Viña Huelquén".